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Taste of Ciroc: Ciroc Blu

Ciroc Ultra-Premium Vodka. Drink Responsibly 21+
Ciroc Ultra-Premium Vodka. Drink Responsibly 21+

The upper echelon of responsible indulgence, Ciroc Ultra-Premium Vodka, is known for its smoothness, and sheik design, amongst other things. I’m a connoisseur of cocktails, so I decided to give all of my fellow responsible indulgers a little something to help mellow out their evening.
Ciroc Blu:
• 1 oz Ciroc Vodka
• .5 oz Blue Curacao
• .25 oz Grapefruit Juice
• .5 oz Simple Syrup

Ciroc Blu is 40% alcohol by volume. We would like to remind you to drink responsibly. Never buy alcohol for minors, and remember that friends don’t let friends drink and drive. “A votre sante!”
Written By: The Only Geno
@TheOnlyGeno (Twitter)!/mixology-cirocblue
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