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Addicted to Chinx Drugz: Couldn’t Give a…

Hit Ssingle, "Feelings", off EP "I'll Take it From Here"
Hit Ssingle, “Feelings”, off EP “I’ll Take it From Here”

As we creep into 2014, we must take time to acknowledge the wave caused by Coke Boys artist, Chinx Drugz, dropping his latest single in the pot; “Feelings.” Chinx keeps you bouncing with his suave and confident rhyme scheme, as well as lyrical content that puts you in the mind of a conqueror. This single is just one of many hot tracks off his EP, “I’ll Take it From Here”, that was released via iTunes, on November 26, 2013.

To add to the star effect already in place, French Montana blazes the second verse in a way only befitting of a Bad Boy artist; with a verse “kick off” similar to that of Notorious B.I.G., on the hit single “Notorious Thugz”, which was featured on the 2nd and final studio album by the American hip hop legend.

This is definitely a track requiring all haters to get their bread up, drop the top in a blizzard, let the snow in, then ask themselves; “who gives a fu** about your feelings?”

Written By: The Only Geno
@TheOnlyGeno (Twitter)